Discovery Church is about building relationships and creating a greater sense of community.

It's our mission to encourage people to participate and engage life in the manner befitting God's vision with His purpose leading the way.


4310 Losee #7 north Las Vegas NV 89030 USA
Persistent prayer is the key to accomplishing everything God wants to do in your life, and in the next couple of weeks, Pastor Dean teaches how to develop a powerful prayer life. In this transformational spiritual growth series, we learn how to grow up spiritually, connect intimately with God, experience his power, and receive his blessing on our lives. We learn how to pray for healing and restoration, and how to trust and respond to God, even when he says no. Join us this month as we journey through the 40 Days of Prayer sermons and how we can learn to pray with more confidence and greater faith than ever before.

Men's Meeting

Saturday, February 24, at 8:00 AM, is a time of connecting men and bringing them into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Have you ever wondered if it is possible to be a Christian man and to actually have fun in life? Then you need to come and be one of the guys! Whether you’ve been a Christian all your life or you are brand new to this church thing, you can come and be part of a great group of men who want nothing more than to discover and to live out God’s plan for their lives.